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Contact form fixed?

Hey folks, I had a report of the contact form (the page you see when you click Contact Tony) wasn’t working correctly. It worked for me, sort of. It sent me an e-mail but didn’t happen to include the e-mail address of the sender. That’s a bit less than useful.

Well, I’m using another WordPress plug-in now which seems much nicer and works – for me. I hope it’s fixed for anyone visiting and wishing to contact me!


Bump in the Road

Yes, I am making progress. I’m learning more about WordPress and various plug-ins. And I think I have the basic structure of the website more or less what I want. There’s lots more to do, but I might go ahead and publicize the fact that it exists. And that’s something, right?

Watch for more content coming as I decide how I want to show off some of my work. Meanwhile, check out the links I have over on the right side. I’ll discuss some of those in more depth in the future. It’s been almost a year since I attended DLWS in Kauai. I’ll provide some of my thoughts about that experience – and maybe some of the images – in a future post.


Kauai North Shore

Just like the song by Chicago on their premiere album, Chicago Transit Authority. Beginnings.

Everything has to start somewhere. So, I now have my business officially registered with the State of Minnesota as A.D. Drumm Images, LLC. It’s time for me to have a real web site for my photography rather than the little Linux computer in my basement. This is it!

I decided to try WordPress as the content management system. This will make blogging easy, and I’m hoping that will help me keep the web site more dynamic. I don’t want it to solidify and fade from view – what’s the point in having a web site, then? But there’s a lot to learn both with WordPress itself and with my hosting provider. Yes, things are a bit easier when you host your content from your own system. 🙂

Anyway, when things are looking better, and I’m happier with it all, I’ll start making this all more public. Watch for my page on Facebook, too! Thanks for stopping by.

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